Strange internet drops specific to my laptop/internet combination

Nov 1, 2018
I've had this issue ever since purchasing a new Acer Predator laptop early this year. When i play some specific games using my mobile hotspot, once every 10-20 minutes i get kicked from the game as if my internet had disconnected, however i will be in some form of communication app such as discord and i can still talk and hear fine, so clearly there is not a complete connection drop. The problem becomes strange however, as my friend is also using my hotspot, and this issue never happens to him, only me, even playing the same game at the same time on the same hotspot, this led me to believe it was an issue with the laptop. However, i then tried using his hotspot, and somehow the issue does not happen while connected to it? This means there is some issue specific to the combination of laptop and iphone 7+ hotspot, and does not seem to be either of them individually. Wired internet is virtually unusable in my area as the NBN is absolutely atrocious, so a hotspot is my only option, and obviously i cant use my housemates all day. Any ideas would be much appreciated as this is one of the strangest and most annoying issues i've ever come across.