Question Strange issue after replacing GPU fan


Jul 18, 2017
Hello all,
I am fighting with a strange issue at GPU fan system. But firstly my components: i5 11500, msi b560m pro, 16gb 3200 and Gigabyte GTX 1060 6gb with the new fans (exactly the same like previous) ->
I am using MSI Afterburner software to set the curve of fan control.

The problem is that one of the fans is not working uniformly. RPMs are undulating on 2nd from two fans and it's making heardly, unconfortable sound when accelerates. This means that it accelerates to the value specified in the Afterburner, but after about a second it slows down to virtually zero and accelerates again and again. I don't know why and what is the cause.

I just want the fans work at the same time with the same speed.

Anyone any ideas? Have you ever heard about software to GPU fans?

When I am setting to the stable rpm:

the fan slow down and accelerates periodically.

Temporary I have just set:

but I haven't fan to 42 degrees.

I want to have both fans, because with properly work of boths my GPU temp is 30-32 degrees at idle.

Before replacement fans I think there wasn't that problem.