Question Strange issue with PC Network


Jan 18, 2008
I have been having a problem for the past few months, where my desktop connects to my home wifi, but the internet is extremely slow and spotty to the point of being unusable. It used to work perfectly.

It seems the issue only occurs with this particular computer connected to this particular wifi connection. My router is working fine and I have other devices (phone, iPad, laptops, tv) connected to it working just fine.

I have tried connecting my PC to my mobile phone’s hotspot and it works as well. I have managed to have a workaround by creating a guest profile on my router but this is annoying as I have to login through the browser every 24h.

I have tried various things

- resetting the router

- resetting windows network settings

- clearing internet explorer settings

- clearing proxy settings

- reinstalling wifi adapter drivers

Another thing I have tried is booting in safe mode with networking, and the internet works just fine. Makes me think it is a software issue but I have no idea.

Have done a full scan with kaspersky as well to no luck.

Any ideas?
It is strange that your router has a guest system that requires a actual login, that is a very uncommon feature. Most guest networks are just different SSID.

Since it also works in safe mode it has to be something strange in the network settings for that particular wifi network. Windows has so much trash setting you can mess up.

It depends on if you can somehow delete the wifi network and recreate it. Not sure windows does not make stuff like this simple.

I am going to bet what would fix it is if you change the SSID on your main wifi network. WIndows will think this is a completely different network and create a new interface for it.