Strange lag on Far Cry 3 with HD 7870


Jan 7, 2013
So when i start up Far cry 3 and go on multiplayer, with everything maxed out on 1080p, one game ill get a constant smooth 60-70fps, no stuttering and perfect, then the next game it will be terrible dropping from 60fps to around 35 and back up to 50s. Is it something to do with different maps is anyone else having this problem? Its just back and forth one game smooth, next game choppy.

I have the latest drivers and my temps for everything are fine. Built this computer about a week ago.


i5 3570 3.4ghz
Asus HD 7870 2GB
8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3

this will be fixed in future driver updates, it is a frame latency problem recently discovered with the new amd products.

from a devolper at amd:
The most intriguing revelation in Baumann's correspondence, though, concerns one specific technical contributor to the frame latency problems on HD 7000-series Radeons based on the GCN architecture: less-than-optimal memory management in software.

Additionally, when we switched from the old VLIW architecture to the GCN core... significant updates to all parts of the driver was needed – although not really spoken about the entire memory management on GCN is different to prior GPU's and the initial software management for that was primarily driven by schedule and in the meantime we've been rewriting it again and we have discovered that the new version has also improved frame latency in a number of cases so we are accelerating the QA and implementation of that.

Driver software to be tweaked to reduce Radeon frame latencies
latency spikes which translates into fps dips, lower the spike the better!