Question Strange memory clock speed issue after latest nvidia driver update


Apr 15, 2019
Ok so this is something that has been bugging me for the last few days and I am hoping somebody can help shed some light.
No other issues are presenting themselves (no artifacting / crashes / black screens)
The issue began after updating to the latest game ready drivers (v425.31) via Geforce Experience (which I have never had any issue with before)

Before I begin, these are the steps I have already taken:
Uninstall / Reinstall webcam drivers via device manager
Messed around with power management settings in windows balanced / high performance
Messed around with power management settings in Nvidia Control Panel

The issue I am having is when in a discord call, when I enable my webcam, my core and memory clock bump up to their maximum clock speeds
(which I am monitoring via Afterburner). That is the normal part, it has always done that when enabling the webcam.

However, before the driver update my memory clock would sit at 5GHz, the default stock memory clock speed for my card (MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X). Now, it will not go above 4.5GHz
when the webcam is on even under full load during a game or benchmarking program. Turning off the webcam immediately fixes it and it resumes running at its stock clock speed
of 5GHz.

I'm trying to remember if I had changed anything or installed anything else in the last 5 days but I really cannot say that I have other than the driver update.

I'm about to try to reinstall the drivers and if that does not work reseat the card... Any other suggestions?

*edit - reinstalled current drivers (v425.31) - no change
- reverted to v419.67 -no change
It is also happening with any application that streams my webcams video, not just discord. I can preview the webcams video without issue, but the second that it is broadcasting it causes the drop to occur
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