Question Strange noise from GPU or somethinge alse and slow fans

Mar 20, 2020
Hello, its my first time to post on this site. I read a lot of posts but i cant find solution. I replaced my old 560 ti with XFX 7970 on my 450W psu. It have peak woltage of 500W and 80bronze plus certificate. So i think it can power 7970 and my i5 750 but problems started after few days. On first 2 days it worked "normaly" gpu have very hard noise when I am on dekstop and doing nothing but I find that is normal with xfx gpu. Also when I ply games I must change fan speed manualy. But before few hours I forgot to do it. I played f1 2018 and it runs normaly but pc shut down I touched gpu and it is very hot. After 1h I play forza horizon 4 and I have radeon software open and pc freezes (temp of gpu is 65C) samo strange noise come idk from what part and shut down. After that fans on gpu work slower I dont hear that hard noise when is on standby. I tried forza horizon 4 one more time and it runs slower for maybe 10 fps and i have small drops. Is now problem with gpu or psu.
Sorry for bad english and long text.
Please help. Thanks
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