Question Strange PC behavior when losing electricity ?

Dec 16, 2021

I have a relatively new computer, and since I have it, I still can't figure out how to solve one problem.

• CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
• GPU: AMD Radeon Vega 8 (integrated on CPU)
• RAM: G-Skill 2x 8GB 3200MHz DDR4
• PSU: Evolveo FX 550W
• OS: Win 10 Pro

The problem is that the computer is running normally, I'm playing games on it .... As soon as I turn off the power in the home, and I want to turn on the computer, it starts automatically restarting when turning on and can't load further than the BIOS if it accidentally, but if loads to the initial login screen, this will automatically cause a BSOD. This also happened to me while playing games ...

A lot of people said it could be a problem with the PSU, but it can't be because I tried 2 sources and the same problem. I used to have about 350W in the original set, but I bought one that has 550W.

I personally think it will be a hardware error rather than a software one.
I did various diagnostics and adjustments ... such as sfc / scannow and the like. Everything was OK.

This is how I can solve this problem, but it is not comfortable:

  1. Turn off the computer (turned on in electricity)
  2. I have to disassemble the computer case
  3. Remove 1x RAM from 2x.
  4. I reset the entire CMOS.
  5. From now on, the computer will turn on to the home screen and I can use it normally. BSODs start to appear even when I start playing games, a few seconds while playing.
(If I want to bypass the BSOD issue while playing, I continue)

  1. Restart the computer
  2. Enter the BIOS setup.
  3. I set the RAM frequency from 2133 (I don't know exactly) to 3200MHz
  4. I will set some features to turn off the automatic overclocking of the graphics card.
  5. I'll save everything
  6. Restarting the computer
If i want back this 1x RAM I need turn off computer, insert RAM back and restart PC.

If I don't do it in a similar order, it won't work.

That's all...

And from now on, everything is fine and the games run smoothly ...

Personally, I'm just wondering if it won't be a problem with the graphics card ...

I ask for your advice.
Well thank you.


Question regarding "As soon as I turn off the power in the home,".

How are you actually turning off the computer? Are you using a wall switch that controls the power outlet serving the computer? Or maybe a switch on a power bar/surge protector? Or just hitting the power switch on the PSU?

Or are you using the Windows power icon to shutdown? Which is what should be done.

More information needed.
Dec 16, 2021
I turn it off normally with win power icon, but the problem happens when a power outage in the home..... What information you need?
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