Question Strange phenomenon when trying to boot (please help)

Apr 22, 2020
I recently put a pc together. At first it wasn’t booting properly but I connected it to a video output and took some other steps which aren’t important. The important thing is that it booted. I assumed that what I had wrong was a front panel cable which was slightly out, but when I went to boot it later, it wouldn’t. I discovered that the only time it boots and the fans spin is when I am unscrewing one specific screw from my motherboard which is located near the cmos battery. And it only boots for a split second. I can recreate this by pushing down on the motherboard a little and letting up. It is clear that a release of pressure somewhere in the motherboard is somehow allowing my computer to boot for a fraction of a second. Besides this I can’t get it to boot at all. Does anyone understand this phenomenon and can anyone help me boot my computer? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
take it apart, do a breadboard test..if it passes with flyin colors then case standoffs could be shorting mobo, also take a very deep look on io shield, if its not shorting something aswell
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