Question Strange power issue

Dec 1, 2020
Hi All

I have a bit of strange issue with my PC.

Its a 4690K with Asrock Z79 Extreme 4 mobo, very out of date now I know...

For some reason it doesn't like being switched off. By that I mean switched off at the PSU switch or wall plug.

I can shutdown and start up Windows without issues but if I have to unplug the PC for some reason it won't turn back on. It used to be that I just had to leave it plugged in for about 10 minutes and then it would start working again but that seems to have stopped working now as well.

I can get it to start up by doing the paperclip trick on 4/5 of the mobo power cable. Once it's started I can knock the paperclip out and it works as normal, until the next time it gets unplugged.

Does anyone have any idea what it might be? Not the most urgent thing in the world as I can get it going again, however, it would be good to fix it if it's something that can be fixed!

Thanks for reading