Strange Power on Issue (Repost)


Go into the bios and set the cpu fan monitor to off and cpu fan control to always on. On my mobo the fan does not come on with it set to auto because the cpu is cold and so the fan monitor detects that the fan is not spinning and shuts down the pc to protect the cpu... wtg gigabyte. <rolls eyes>

You can remove the pwr sw from the motherboard and short the two pins together very briefly. If the pc boots up normally then you need to look at the power switch on the case. It should only show as shorted while the switch is depressed.

If the pc does not boot normally then do not put the switch connector back on yet. Instead shut down and jumper the pwr on line to ground at the power supply big connector on the motherbd. (green wire to one of the black wires right next to it - nut double check as I cant verifiyif all PS use this color scheme) If that boots up fine then you need a new motherboard. If it still doesn't, RMA that power supply again.