Question Strange problem 2080 Ti ?

Sep 12, 2021
A few days ago when starting up my computer my 2080ti would turn on its leds then shortly and turn off and the fans would run at 100%. Since the warranty is void due to having it over 3 years I decided to try and give it a little maintenance by replacing the terrible manufacturers thermal paste, yes carbon based so nothing would short and gave it a good clean of any dust. It still wouldn't start with that so I tried with a hair dryer with the cool air option and it of course was a little warm but after blowing through the graphics card with it and plugging it in it worked again.

I tried then some restarts and it still functioned, then this morning it refused to start up again so I did the same thing with the hair dryer and it worked again. I can only assume that for some reason it needs a slight pre heat up before working. Any ideas to why this might be, and a more permanent solution?