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Question Strange Problem with custom build?

Insane Potatoz

Sep 22, 2019
Hey everyone. I built a PC for my mom, and it's been going very strong for the past few months, but yesterday my mom called me and said something was wrong with it. So I came over and the PC wouldn't turn on. The fans spin and everything, and an image is displayed(?). When I turn the computer on, the fans spin, and I can hear the ODD power up, but no image is displayed. The monitor wakes up, but no image is displayed, and it goes back to sleep.
Something weird, though; In my little trouble shooting that I did, I turned the computer off, turned the power supply off, and them unplugged and re plugged the SATA data cable to the SSD, then turned the computer on again. When I do this, an image is displayed, and I get to windows recovery. If I turn the PC off again, though, I can't get back into windows recovery unless I reseat that SATA data cable.
I've checked the heath of the SSD, and the SSD is totally fine. 100% good.
I am unable to get into BIOS, no matter what I do. I can only get into windows recovery.
Anybody know what this could be? All important files can be backed up if we need to wipe the SSD as I have a USB to SATA adapter I use with the SSD.
Please ask if you need any more info or clarification.
Ryzen 3 2200G
ASRock B450M-HDV R:4.0
2x8gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz
Samsung 860 QVO 1TB 2.5" SSD
Corsair CX450 power supply

TIA :)