Strange Question


Jan 23, 2006
Hey guys,

This is my system:

Amd 720 BE 2.8 Ghz AM3
MSI Radeon 4830 1Gig
Gigabyte ma790x-ud4p
G-skill RAM 4 Gigs (2*2) DDR2-6400

I had some interesting questions I don't quite understand:

1. With Cool n Quiet enabled, I noticed my CPU was mostly at 1400MHZ and sometimes even lower at 800 MHZ. Is it unusual to drop it THAT much? I disabled it but is it worth re-enabling it to save power/life?

2. My ram in both GIgabyte's diagnostics and CPU-Z shows up as DRAM FREQUENCY at 400 mhz. Isn't this half of what it is supposed to be running or do I multiply this number by 2 because of FSB:DRAM ration of 1:2?

3. The most puzzling one. My video card box says MSI R4830 T2D1G. The official specs list are 575 MHZ and 1800 MHZ on the newegg site. However, in Gigabyte's diagnostics, it says . . . 585 MHZ and 900 MHZ? The OC version does run at 585 but this isn't an OC one and I have no OC'ed anything on my computer? What gives?

Any help is greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

Everything looks normal to me. The AMD CPU's do go to very low speeds when idle with Cool n Quiet enabled. I would re-enable it if it were me. Helloworld_98 is correct on the GPU RAM speed. The same applies to the system RAM. The only thing that looks like it's running out of spec is the GPU speed, but faster is a good thing as long as it's stable. :)