Question Strange RGB issues after connecting ARGB to 4pin.

Mar 29, 2021
SO basically what the title said. I have a CoolerMaster Mastercase MB500 with a prebuilt 3 basic 12V RGB (4pin) and a controller with it. I bought an AIO Deepcool Gammax 120l v2 watercool for the CPU thats also regular RGB (4pin 12V) and an RGB light strip for a bit more light. Problem is, i bought 2 RAM passive RGB cooling, it did come with an ARGB. I was idiot enough to connect it to my PC-s regular RGB connector. Since then, other fans DO NOT work on a special color (yellow). All other colors are good, yellow is not. I suspect it did something when i connected them, cause when i made the procedure my PC was on yellow.
Other interesting fact, individually all my fans work on yellow. BUT when i connect them all to the RGB hub, they dont. Whats wrong?
Question is: can i make it work with some RGB ->ARGB converter, or maybe a new hub?

Thanks for any help in advance.

Greetings guys
connecting a 3-pin aRGB cable to a 4-pin RGB header will almost always lead to damaging products.
whether it's the connected device or the motherboard itself, you never know until after.

you would need to purchase an aRGB hub or a new motherboard with proper headers to use any aRGB products with a corresponding RGB control software.

there are also quite a few cheap SATA powered aRGB connectors you can find nowadays.
though these would have a separate controller, usually a connected small stick with buttons or a remote control, and are not customizable through RGB software.

fans DO NOT work on a special color (yellow). All other colors are good, yellow is not.
if you're only experiencing issues with certain colors, in this case yellow;
sometimes you can choose to manually create a custom color and find on the damaged LED's color spectrum another spot that will produce the yellow you are looking for.