Strange screen issue when launching games

Jul 7, 2018
For the past several months, when I run a game and it's going through the initial launch screens (the screens showing studio logo, graphics engine, etc) I will get a launch image from a different game. For example, when launching AssassinsCreed: Origins, the various studio logo screens at the beginning are replaced with the studio logo screen for Lazy Bear Games (because I played Graveyard Keeper a few days ago.)

I've only noticed this when playing games on Steam. At first I thought maybe it was a weird cached image issue, where maybe Steam would save launch screens in a file somewhere and they would get stuck somehow. But then I noticed the image being shown when launching a game included the taskbar at the bottom of the load screen for Ark: Survival Evoloved, suggesting that it was actually a screenshot of that moment.

I am completely baffled! I also have not been able to find anyone else with the same issue. It's really a minor annoyance, unless running a game that launches right into a cutscene, in which case I get the audio but it's covered by an image from a previously loaded game. Any ideas? (I'm using Windows 7)

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