Strange software update habits recently on computer.


Jul 5, 2011
Hello all, I have a strange behavior happening on my computer. I am on a laptop that is about 3 years old, running windows 7. Over the last few days, every time I got on my computer, there was some update installed for different programs. When these programs installed, a new shortcut was created on the desktop, in most cases.

First it was adobe reader 8 (along with Adobe flash player 11 plugin and Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX). I didn't initialize install like some of adobe's regular updates.

Second was two days later, the next time I turned on my computer, which was an iTunes update. I have been cancelling the iTunes update for many months because I don't use it all that often, but it decided to update automatically. This one did not create a desktop shortcut maybe because there was already one there.

Third was an update to Firefox which tends to update automatically anyway, but instead of the traditional update, created a desktop shortcut on my computer like adobe reader 8.

Fourth was Google drive, but didn't create a desktop shortcut.

And today, was Quicktime, published by Apple, inc. which also created a desktop shortcut.

This either seems like strange behavior, or I have just not noticed these update behaviors until now. The thing that made me notice something was happening was the creation of random desktop shortcuts on my computer. I looked in my installed programs list and would see the program with the new desktop icon at the top of the list when sorted by date indicating it just updated. Normally when things have updated, they didn't seem to make desktop shortcuts until recently the last few days.

Also, looking back in the installed programs, listed by date, there has been no instance where there have been five consecutive days on individually installed program updates. Normally there is a block of windows 7 updates with a single date, with random ones in the middle of either me installing new programs, with the occasional automatic update to something like microsoft works, or dropbox or something similar

I hope this is clear enough indication of what is happening, i'm having a hard enough time trying to figure out what is happening, it may be nothing, but it seems like strange behavior to me.


Edit* I also forgot to mention I did a full deep scan with Vipre Internet Security 2013 after the initial adobe update that made the Adobe Reader 8 shortcut.


the reader is version 11 same as flash check if the auto update on all of these is out also i use this to scan my system for software update it will tell you witch it need to be update and have security flaw and link to them so you could make a restore point after that ,did you try malwarebytes free for spyware software also use one of these to clean up or this then report back if it find something unusual