Strange sound from starting BarraCuda Pro 6TB drives


Oct 14, 2017
I looked online and even reviewed Seagate's responses to other people to no avail, so I decide to look for a workaround myself.

To Solve in Windows 10:

Go to Device Manager.
Then Disk Drives.
Right click on your noisy drive.
Under Removal Tab, is Removal Policy.
If Better Performance is selected, switching to Quick Removal shuts the damn thing up.

Since this is my backup drive, I do not care about the default option.

It would be nice if the noise was fixed with Better Performance selected, but my guess is that having a 6TB and 6 disk platters inside the same 3.5in casing makes a recipe for design issues. Add to that, Seagates's proprietary Multi Tier Caching Technology and you get a slight heartbeat from the drive that kicks a little every 1.5-2 seconds which you can clearly hear and feel when you touch it. Also, I have not updated the firmware and don't know if that even solves the issue, but I am happy with my workaround.

I should also note that my backup drive was encrypted and so I think the noise was pretty consistent every 2 seconds even when the drive was locked, like if Windows was trying to do something, but the drive kept saying no. The noise was still there when decrypted, just not at a steady pace like when it was locked.

Jens Boos

Jun 18, 2017

Thanks. I tried that, but that tab does not exist. There is only the "Policies" tab, that has "Enable write caching on this device" preselected. I should mention that my two 6TB drives are configured to form a Windows Storage Space (their version of a software RAID1), so maybe that is why I cannot select this option?

See also this video here:

Same sound.