Question Strange Stuttering / Frametime Spikes CS:GO

Mar 6, 2019
Weird Stuttering / Frametime Spikes CS:GO when I see Enemy-Player Model

Hello Guys,

I've allready googled and tried a lot of Stuff - nothing worked.
In the first like 4-5 Minutes of the Game, when I see an enemy or an enemy is close (probably it get's rendered when a player model is near even though u can't see it) the game is stuttering / lagging for a short mili sec.
I installed MSI Afterburner to check if it's just me or the Game really is stuttering.So I get some spikes on the frametimes up to 30/40ms and smaller spikes of 20/25ms.

I7-8700K @ 5.0 GHz (also tried without Overclocking - same picture)
Asus ROG Strix-F Z390 Motherboard
32GB G.SKill TridentZ RGB 3200 DDR4 (Tried with and without RGB Light)
Asus OC RTX 2080 Nvidia
Samsung 960 Evo M2 SSD 500GB
Seasonic 750W PSU
Asus ROG 27zoll Monitor - 165hz - GSYNC

Things I tried:
  • Reinstalling Windows (several Times and tried Windows 1703/1709/1803/1809)
  • Updated all Drivers of the Motherboard including BIOS
  • Reinstalling CS:GO (several Times ofcourse due to reinstalling Windows)
  • Tried different CPU / Tried with and without Overclocking
  • Windows Powermanagement Maximum Performance
  • Different NVIDIA Drivers with DDU uninstalling Drivers.
  • Different Settings in NVIDIA Drivers - Also NVIDIA Inspector CS:GO optimizations
  • Turning GSync OFF and ON
  • Different CS:GO Launchoptions like forcepreload / snd_mixhead / -threads / and so on
  • ISLC (intelligent Standbylist Cleaner)
  • CPU Core Unparking
  • Deactivated all Xbox Overlay / Steam overlay and so on
  • Deactivated C-States in BIOS
  • XMP Profile 1 and XMP Profile 2
Even Hardware:
I tested different Graphiccards / Different Harddrive / /Different Motherboard / Different CPU / Different PSU / Different RAM
I also switched the Place of my PC and tried a different powersocket.

The stuttering gets less after I played like 5 Minutes or something (probably when all Player models are loaded into the Graphiccard/ram or sth?)

The Problem exists even when I play an offline game with the LAN-Cable disconnected with Bots.
I can play APEX Legends without a single stutter.

Hopes some of you PC-Experts here can help me... I tried a lot.....

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Mar 6, 2019
Im at work right now.
It's a NZXT Kraken X62 - Temps are all good. For example at playing CS:GO or Metro Exodus on Ultra:
CPU @~ 55-65° degrees
GPU @~ 65-70° degrees

Frametimes look like this:

By different CPU i mean I tested a second 8700k and even going back to a 6700k with a Z270 Motherboard.
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