Question Strange Water Cooling Clicking - ML240L (w/ Videos)


Feb 1, 2014
Hello all,

I rearranged my office yesterday, including the PC, and got everything setup. I kept my PC upright the whole time with no issues. About 10 hours later after using my computer all day, the water cooler pump on my CPU started making a really loud clicking/clacking noise. At first it sounded like something was clicking against the fan but i individually stopped all fans and see no issue. And when i stop just the pump it goes away.

Here is my PC build:
The cooler is the Cooler Master ML240L - mounted horizontally at the top of the PC
This was a refurbished pre-built PC from Microcenter. The original Owner got it in ~May, and i got it in August. So its not that old.

I removed the fans from the water cooler heatsink and took the heatsink off the case and moved it around at different angles as i saw in several troubleshooting videos. This cleared the clacking noise but replaced it with a water "gurgling/sloshing" noise. I remounted and waited 5-10minute for it to stabilize. Eventually all noises stopped and everything seemed to be working alright. 5 minutes later, the original clacking noise came back. I did this process twice to confirm

And here is a video of the original noise:

Here is the noise after manuevering the heatsink

And here is the Noise Gone, and the original noise coming back: (Starts to come back around 0:35)

Any thoughts? is there something physically in the loop maybe?

This is my first attempt at Water cooling, i may just go back to my Cooler Master Evo
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