Strangest issue ever! need help!


Apr 17, 2008
i just got a gtx 275 to replace my 9800gtx (9800gtx wasnt enought for crysis @ 1080p), but when i installed it and tried to play a game it just shut off. i thought maybe i did something when i put it in so i switched cards and the 9800 ran fine. checked the 275 in another pc and it ran fine in there so i thought maybe it was a software issue. i tried different drivers and eventually reloaded the system but nothing worked, it still crashed. wierd thing is it runs all the way throught 3dmark vantage on any setting. eventually i got tired of messing with it and decided to try using my 9800gtx as a physx processor to see if it got a higher score in vantage. well then i decided to try that setup running a game just to see if it would crash and the wierd thing is it no longer crashes.

does anyone have any ideas on this one cuz im lost. only thing i thought of was the gtx 275 cant take as much voltage as the 9800gtx, because when they r running together bios does say the 12v rail is @ like 12.09v (vs 12.16 when there is just one card). ive searched the internet but i havnt found any similar issues. by the way i know the pc does not turn off due to overheating.

pc is as follows

asus p5n-d with 1101 bios
intel e8400 @ 3.00ghz
seagate 500 gb hd
gtx 275 with 9800gtx as physx processor.