Question Strangest POSTing issue ?


Sep 15, 2016
hello, I built a new system a couple of days ago
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I am having a very annoying and persistent POSTing issue. Basically, once every 4 or so boots , the system won't POST and will be stuck on a blank screen with a white cursor (like the cmd prompt white cursor) The cpu and case fans are on and the gpu lights are on as well, but my keyboard lights do not turn on.

-screen looks like:

Also, when the issue happens my mobo's "VGA" debugging light is on.

Things I have tried that didn't fix:
  • Clearing CMOS
  • Booting using the cpu's integrated graphics
  • booting with one stick of ram
  • booting just to bios with no ssd or hdd connected to pc
  • using a different monitor and using a different display port connection
  • using different wall sockets
  • making triple sure every psu cable is completely plugged in
  • reinstalling the cpu and checking the pins (the pins were fine)
  • updating to the latest non beta bios
  • updating to the latest beta bios
  • running expo vs. no expo
  • reinstalling the gpu multiple times
  • updating to windows11
  • disabling integrated graphics and using my 6900xt only

I have also run cinebench and heaven, both showed completely normal temps and results. My vsoc remains below 1.3V always even with expo on.

I have also run memtest86 and passed 4/4 with 0 errors, AND all my drivers are up to date.
There have been streaks where it looked like the problem has gone away but its seemingly random - usually it happens once every 4 boots or so.
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