Question Stream Audio Setup

Aug 15, 2022
Alright guys, hopefully this isn't too complicated and makes sense. Hopefully I can get some advice. My end goal is to avoid a mixer of sorts.

I just got a second PC to start dual PC streaming. Video part was a little tricky at first but mainly because I had things connected wrong to begin with.
As it stands now, for my audio I have my wireless headset connected wirelessly to my gaming desktop (it has a built in mic for game chat).
I have my Hyper X USB powered mic connected to my streaming PC for stream chat.
Outside of using a mixer, is their a way I can get my streaming PC to register the mic from my game PC ?

I have a foot pedal with three buttons. Basically I want to be able to use 1/3 of those buttons to mute my game chat mic but in order to do that, I would need the streaming PC to be able to pickup the signal from my gaming PC mic so I can make that an option in streamlabs. (my second button on the pedal is used to control the scenes within streamlabs and the third is used to mute my stream chat). I am unsure if 3.5mm cables could work as a bridge somehow for these signals?? I already have one 3.5 cable running from my stream PC to my headset so that my stream gets the game audio sent to the stream. This audio thing has been a massive headache for me. It works, and is so nice!!! But isnt working how I want it to be so maybe I just run the mixer route?? Im lost. Please help. Thanks in advance!!


Understand that you want to avoid a mixer.

However, if a mixer will work then just use the mixer. Especially if you know that the mixer works or will work.

Simpler, no mess of 3.5 cables, and limits possible audio loops, TRRS mismatches, etc..

Give the mixer a try for a while. The mixer could prove useful in other ways as well.

Occam's Razor applies.