Streaming games to triple monitor setup over home internet?


Dec 30, 2012
So basically, I have an iMac with three monitors including itself, and I have my PC, that is only hooked up to one of the monitors. I would use my iMac as a monitor, then buy another HDMI for my third monitor if I could, but due to software/hardware limitations, that is no longer possible on the newer iMacs.

Thus, I am looking to use game streaming to try and achieve something playable. I have looked at Steam In-Home streaming, and have tried with one monitor with success, but I can't find anyone trying to stream multi monitor games. I have also tried nVidia GameStream with one monitor (Via Moonlight), but the control latency was far too high to be playable. My PC is fast enough to run 4K on my TV generally, so I doubt it would struggle too much with 3 1080p monitors.

Does Steam In-Home Streaming work with multiple monitors? I know that the resolution limit is the same as that of my host PC, so I would need to create virtual monitors to simulate, but is it possible to stream from one virtual triple monitor setup to a real triple monitor setup?

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