[SOLVED] Streaming Question

Jul 19, 2021
I have a question with upgrading my computer I stream from my Xbox X through a elgato to my computer and I have great upload speed and download speed I stream through the software of OBS and when I stream at a high bitrate It lags on stream
Specs on computer
GPU Radeon RX 580 series
CPU AMD ryzen 5 1400 quad core
16 gigs of Corsair 3200 mhz
It was a pre built computer from Best Buy its a cyber power computer I was wondering if it it my CPU that needs to be upgraded for me to stream without lag If so I was going to buy AMD- Ryzen 7 3700X 3rd gen

And I do not stream games on the computer i just use obs on it and use the elgato to capture my xbox gameplay
It’s a bazooka b350m , does xmp profile have a lot to do with streaming? like i said, i stream on the computer but stream through an elgato which captures my xbox gameplay.
It does help to reduce the intercore latency on the cpu side (yes, ryzen love high speed ram), also try to read this and might want to watch this.