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Mar 9, 2019
Hi guys,

I am getting ready to get into the streaming and YouTube content creating world and quickly found out that my 655k cpu and gtx550 weren’t up for the task. I have built my own rig on pcpicker and was hoping to get some insight on the parts I have picked. I am not the smartest but I built my first pc after doing a week worth of research on how to do it.
The pc that I am building now I want to look a bit better than my first one. What I mean by that is I will be using quiet a bit of rbg and want the cabling to be neat. I guess what I’m really looking for is to make sure that the parts I got are exactly what I will be needing? Is there a better way of building this pc? Do I need to order any extra cables? Any other aesthetic items you guys can recommend or even performance wise?
I will post the link of the pc I built, trying to stay in the 2500$ range, thanks in advance everyone!!!!

I forgot to add, this pc isn’t for gaming and is only for streaming and recording console gameplay and video editing.


Not too bad, motherboard is INSANELY overkill. But if you like that motherboard specifically for looks or brand, and you have money to burn. Then go for it!

But my biggest problem is your GPU, you spend all this money on super high end components, but buy the absolute cheapest GPU?? WHY?? I don't understand that.

For streaming and YouTube, and for a rig of your caliber. You'll want a RTX 2070 at least!

EDIT: Ok I didn't realize you said you were not using this RIG for gaming, sorry my bad.

But your GPU is still underpowered, I recommend you buy a GTX 1660 or 1660 Ti. Because Video editors still love to eat up GPU processing power.
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