Question Streaming with OBS from PS4

Aug 8, 2019
I just bought a new pc with the sole intention of streaming on my PS4 to OBS using the Elgato HD 60 S. I have all of the equipment including a Blue Snowball mic, a wired headset with mic, a Logitech C922x Pro cam, as well as a tendak hdmi splitter. I am pretty sure I have all of the hardware needed to make this work, in fact I may be missing some of the hardware I have already purchased.

When I go to stream using OBS I have no issue with the game capture and video capture settings. I also can get my mic audio to work within the OBS settings wether I am using my Snowball or built-in headset mic. The issue I am having currently is that there is no game audio coming into OBS from the Elgato or otherwise. I have run through all of the settings and cannot seem to find one that will play game audio.

What I would like to make work is using the Snowball as my commentary mic set to be used on stream. Then I would like for my headset to give me game audio and party audio while only sending the game audio to OBS without doubling down on mic audio, between the headset and the snowball. If this isn't possibly then that is completely fine with me as long as I can:

A) Hear game audio and party chat audio on stream
B) Communicate with my party chat via PS4
C) Communicate to my twitch audience without hearing two mic inputs at once. At this point I don't care which mic the stream audio is coming from as long as I can get both game audio and commentary audio at once.

Hopefully this makes sense and I didn't miss anything in the description. I expected it to be a lot easier to do all of this using OBS but as I have learned in my years with PC configs and builds, nothing is ever easy. If anyone can help clear this up for me it would be much appreciated.

Aug 22, 2019
Hi maxcforton, did you manage to succeed in your endeavors.

I recently went the route of build a gaming/streaming pc for the same purpose as you. I am currently able to get all game sound including game chat(haven’t tried party chat yet) to my OBS feed and recording it.

I have my headset(Corsair HS50) with the Corsair ST100 stand linked to my pc, this allows me to hear game play and game chat through my pc in surround sound using the Corsair stand.

I then have my Samson G-Track Pro linked to my PS4 PRO. I only got the setup running last night very late and didn’t have a lot of time to test the mic, but it seemed like the game chat in my squad could hear me and i could hear them(they weren’t too chatty).

Will be running more tests this evening.