Feb 20, 2005
I read the article of stress test between intel and amd cpu. Of course, it will be a good attemption, but if me, I will test hard-disk and power-supply. Toms test already showed a safety of powersupply. CPU is broken rarely. But, you know, harddisk and powersupply has a problem frequently. Speaking honestly, I cant understand why Toms tests a stresstest of CPUs..

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Feb 6, 2004
Its an absolute BS test. Having just 2 systems will tell you <b>nothing</b>.

Reboots, at the (in)frequency you are seeing here are most likely triggered by things like:
-cosmic radiation causing bitflips in the RAM (or even cpu). You'd need a nuclear bomb shelter to elimate this, or at the very least ECC RAM to reduce the likelyhood)
-power supply glitches.
-quality of RAM modules (you'd need to test dozens of systems to eliminate this potential source of problems, or at the VERY least, switch over the modules several times)
-quality of motherboard (same here, you'd need dozens of boards before you could draw any conclusion, and then only those the board, not the cpu).
-software issues (drivers, the OS, whatever stress apps he is using)

But they have NOTHING to do with and Intel versus AMD CPU match. Its ridiculous beyond words. THG at its best :(

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