Question Strimer Plus V2 + HDD on same Sata power cable?

Aug 11, 2022
Hey friends. I’m looking into buying the strimer plus V2 cables, but I’m just curious, when it comes to plugging them in to power would it be safe to plug the controller into the same sata power cable that I already have a HDD plugged into? I know the sata power cable has multiple plug ins so I could use multiple HDDs should I choose to do so, but would it be safe to do what I’m planning on doing?

i apologize ahead of time if this is a silly or nooby question, I just built this PC in may so this will be my first time upgrading/ changing anything about it so I’d like to dot my Is and cross my Ts. Thanks!
Just plug the controller's SATA cable to any SATA power connector and you are ready to go.

As your PSU have several PCI-E connectors, you can run a single PCI-E to SATA cable just for the controller if you want.