Question Strip Green White screen when playing games


Jun 23, 2014
Hi friends, so I have the computer with this spec:
Asus r9-280x
memory 2x4gb corsair
PSU Seasonic 600 watt
monitor LG 29um58

This PC has lasted for 5 years until now.

So I have encountered this problem for a few months. The screen starts to change to strip green-white, but sometimes it's just white, the other time it becomes like so many dots on the screen. Here's some screenshot: View:
.This usually happens only when I am playing games like witcher, Dota 2, etc. This does not happen when I'm doing my work (programming), watching movies, browsing, etc.
I tried to use VGA onboard GPU and can play the games without the above problems. I have updated it using latest driver also. I don't have 2nd PC to test my VGA GPU there, so...

  1. So is my VGA GPU is already broken? Or the problem lies somewhere else?
  2. As VGA GPU replacement, I think I found affordable GTX 1070 Ti by Manli. What do you think of it? Especially the brand is not really famous. Here's the link:
I'm open to any suggestion whether what should I do with my VGA GPU or recommendation on what VGA GPU I should buy (probably in the same level as GTX 1070 or 1070 Ti)
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Aug 13, 2016
I am pretty sure it’s your gpu since your problems don’t occur when using on board graphics. If anything you could just reseat the graphics card just in case if it’s as simple as that but I don’t think so considering it doesn’t happen when doing things that put little load on the gpu but it does when games are putting a load on your gpu. I have never heard of Manli and I can’t find any reviews from trustworthy people and reliable sources. Especially since it’s cheap it’ll probably fail after not having it for a long time and there’s a chance that what they say on their website is incorrect and for example the base clock could actually be lower than what the website says. I would stick with well known and reputable brands like Evga, Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, etc when getting a new gtx 1070 if you can’t find a solution but my best guess is that your gpu is failing when under load