Question Strix 1080ti replace with case fans using GPU headers? Reporting in for reference


Oct 12, 2015
Hey everyone,

I just want to report in my progress with trying to quiet cool down my awesome but somewhat aging 1080ti. Cyberpunk brings the GPU to it's knees so I'm looking to overclock, cool down and quiet down.

I found some information online but some things were unclear, so here are my findings.

The strix 1080ti has 2 case fan headers, interesting! They are normal 4 pin headers. Ofcourse the Strix is using a 3 fan setup that uses the smaller GPU fan connector.

There are enough disassembly guides online, so I will skip that. I disconnected the shroud, RGB and fans and mounted 2 x 140mm old enermax fans. I also renewed the thermal paste.

I was first going to buy and aftermarket cooler like the rajintec morpheus or the arctic cooler accelero IV, but the strix itself has a very decent cooler so I opted to just mount fans instead 😊

Here's a comparison between the small Strix fan and my old enermax 140mm fans.

And here are two fans mounted onto the gpu, looking good! The fans do not make the gou longer. A littke bit higher though ( but i have an open desktop/htpc case which is mounted open under my desk)

And here in the case, cool! It only takes ip 3 slots!

And now for the results!
Well actually, the card still reaches 80 degrees! But it is whisper quiet. It seems the case fan headers on the GPU (which can be manipulated through the Asus software) can drive 4pin pwm fans, but not my three pin DC fans sadly.
The three pin fans do spin, but at their lowest setting. I can adjust the fan curve but it's not having effect.

So what now? I have ordered the following: 2 x 120mm pwm 4pin noctua fans, which i will attach to the fan headers like now.

I have also ordered a small pin gpu fan adaptor to dual 4pin pwm fan adaptor, which I will also test.
For all tests i will post temps too.

I hope this will help someone.
Kind regards from belgium.


Oct 12, 2015
Aaaaand checking back.

Okay so, I tried the smal 4pin gpu header to normal 4pin pwm fan header together with a splitter to two pwm fans succes 😣

It seems this small gpu pin header cant power two noctue 120mm 1300 fans.

But! Luckily the STRIX gpu has 2 normal pwm headers, and those are working perfectly 😁

Heres how this combo looks:

This was still with the adaptors attached, but just to get a feel for it. Looks good eh 😁 used small zip ties to keep the fans in place.

Now conclusion time, is the rajintek or the Accelero better than this? Probably.
In maximum stress the gpu doesnt go over 70 degrees. That in a case with bad air flow.
The rajin and accelero reach even cooler temps, but....this build cost me only 2 fans which was 30euro.

The rajin and accelero are around 70euro, and the rajin comes without fans!
Added bones; this solution only takes up three slots!

Anyway, i hope this will help someone some day.
Greetings from Belgium.