Question Strix 2070 super or gigabyte 2080 super?

Dec 26, 2019
Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my GPU. After research I have found that the most fitting would be a MSI 2070 super gaming trio or a asus rog strix advanced 2070 super oc. Sadly the msi won't fit in my case. In my region I can get a strix for 637€. Now I know the strix is a high end for 2070 supers, but I could get a gigabyte geforce 2080 super gaming oc(which is a low end of 2080 supers) for just a 100€ more. Because of this low and high end, I can't find any direct comparisons, as the actual performance varies too much between these and the FE cards. So which one should I get?
Or should I buy a new case and get the MSI(550€)?
For reference I would like to use the card with a LG 34GK950F-B (3440x1440,144Hz) meaning atleast 75fps by the card in any game.

P. S: My phone's battery is dying so I might not be able to respond immidiately.
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Get the 2080 if it's in your budget. There's really no point trying to compare a 2070 to a 2080, as the 80 will always outperform the 70.

The only real difference between the lower priced and higher priced cards is cooler design. So one may run cooler than the next, they will all have the same fps, within a margin of error. GPU boost takes care of boost clock with temps so no matter the card they'll all boost to within a few mhz of each other.