Stronger Wi-Fi Signal

Feb 19, 2018
Hey everyone,

I live in a two-story house and I need a strong wifi signal in the most distant locations from the router in the house. Right now there is a D-Link DIR-615 Router at the 1st floor and a TP-Link WA850RE 300 Mbps Extender at the 2nd floor. However, the signal is pretty weak in some locations, like I can't watch an online movie or make an online call without lags (the distance usually being 2 meters for device-extender and aprox. 6 meters for router-extender.)

-Could you please recommend any stronger routers/extenders at an affordable price?
-Also, is it possible (and how to do it) to install 2 separate routers at each floor sending 2 different signals and not just extending the first one?
-Is it worth connecting a second extender to the first extender, or will it just make the signal weaker?

Thanks a lot.


This router (Or any AC1700 or higher model with MU-MIMO AND Beamforming):

With this kit. You can put one of these on each level that the router is not on. You WILL have a clear signal on every floor. These have MU-MIMO AND Beamforming.

It would be BEST to also use network adapters that also utilize beamforming technology, but isn't 100% essential. It would definitely work better if they did though.
What you describe is called a AP. The main difference between a extender and a AP is that the AP uses a ethernet cable to connect to the main router so it is much simpler. So IF you have a ethernet on your second floor you can just use your extender as a AP....Most have the option to only run as a AP. Otherwise I would look at powerline networks to get the network upstairs. This uses your electrical wires to act as a ethernet. It is not as good as a real ethernet but it is much better than a wifi signal you are trying to repeat.

They make poweline units with wifi AP built in but again you could plug your current extender into the powerline units and use it as only a AP. Of course you could just plug the pc into the powerline and then you would have no wireless signals causing you issues.

If you try to daisy chain extenders it degrades the signal a lot. I do not think it is even technically possible because of how WDS works but nobody even attempts it because of the huge speed penalty you would get.


I linked to a good deal on a set of powerline adapters that actually also have some pretty advanced features. Short of running ethernet to each floor or using two connected routers or APs on top and bottom floors, that's probably the best option.

I will say that recently I upgraded to a an AC2600 router with MU-MIMO and beamforming and now I get good signal on both level of my house even though I have hardwood floors with an additional layer of plywood plus carpet, AND lathe and plaster walls, and I did not before with my old router, so I am absolutely a fan of those features on any new router. Also, the signal quality and consistency of the throughput on all levels is much better than before, especially when multiple devices are connected simultaneously.