Question Stuck at 60fps with new Gigabyte M27Q (2560x1440 170hz monitor)

Jan 1, 2021
I bought a Gigabyte M27Q monitor, everything's great aside from one thing - no matter where I try to fiddle with the settings, it will not allow me to go above 60hz. My GPU is a GTX 1050 Ti (cries in out of stock) which from what I've checked isn't supposed to be flat out incompatible with a 2k monitor in terms of frequency, and I connected the monitor to it with a DisplayPort cable (according to the monitor's menu, it's DisplayPort 1.2)

Here's what I tried so far :

Right click on Desktop-->Display settings, only shows 60hz in the Advanced menu. One thing that strikes me as weird is that it recognizes the monitor as a "Generic PnP monitor". I've looked that up but from what I've found it isn't supposed to be a problem (And if it is then I didn't find how to fix it aside from updating the GPU's drivers which I did)

Changing it from the Nvidia Control Panel, only shows 60hz (under the "PC" section, I double-checked)

Updating my Nvidia drivers, didn't help.

Installing the OSD sidekick and changing the frequency there, it gives me the option to change to 120hz but no effect from what I've seen + it still shows 60hz on the Windows menu and the Nvidia Control Panel menu.

I feel like I've exhausted my googling skills at this point, so any help would be welcome. Thank you in advance!


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

See if you're on the latest BIOS update for your motherboard. Then use DDU to uninstall your GPU drivers. At this point, disconnect from the internet and install the latest drivers for your GPU in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.