Question Stuck at Bios screen

Jun 28, 2023
After randomly crashing, my PC is stuck on the Bios screen.

Lately, my pc started randomly crashing once a day. Also, sometimes it would not come out of sleep mode and required restart. Today, it randomly crashed and after that it can't get past the Bios screen.

When I start the pc, fans start spinning normally, it makes the right sounds, the Bios screen pops up and then nothing. None of the bios keybinds do anything. I can't enter or do anything. After a few seconds, I hear the "beep" from the motherboard again but the bios screen is still there. It does that a few times and eventually it stops and the screen goes black.

What I've checked so far:
I've removed all the peripherals.
I've removed each of the 2 ram sticks one at a time.
I've removed the SSD.
I unplugged the start button switch.
I unplugged the CD drive.

So far, nothing. Stuck at the bios screen everytime.

Is the mobo dead?
Any suggestions?

Jun 28, 2023
System specs

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H
GC:Nvidia gtx1060 (by Gigabyte)
CPU: Intel i5 (I don't remember the exact model, it's 10+ years old)
Ram: 2 x Corsair 16gb
Power supply: Corsair TX650
And a Samsung SSD.