Question Stuck at gigabyte splash screen?

Jul 28, 2019
When I press restart on my brand new laptop that I just bought yesterday it always gets stuck on the gigabyte splash screen, it then starts to heat up a lot where it’s physically painful to touch and my only option is to hold down the power button to turn it off.
By the way the splash screen has options like press f2 f12 etc but even if I press it nothing happens.
All I have done is finished installing all the programs and drivers I use. That’s pretty much it.
When I press shut down and turn the laptop on that way it works fine. It does not heat up a lot. *edit: it is now stuck on he splash screen when it is shut down too. I can’t even turn it on anymore it’s just stuck on the splash screen.
I have a whole lot of usbs and USB extensions plugged in due to the absolute necessity of it for my programs to work.
I have installed a antivirus first so it can’t be a virus. I also didn’t visit any weird websites either.
I do not know much about computers, please noob friendly language :)
Advice? Do I return it? Is this my fault? Is it fixable? Is it broken?