Question Stuck at POST No keyboard detected

Oct 19, 2021
Hello, I have this problem I just put together a new fresh build but the keyboard doesn't work and I cant even go into uefi.

I've tried using every USB port on the case and none seem to work. The mb is Asus z590 plus WiFi, the keyboard is corsair k50. I've seen in a similar post that the guy fixed it by connecting an old ps/2 keyboard but I don't have such at my disposal. Is there anything else I can try before going to buy one of those and try it if it will register.

It detects 0 drive, 0 keyboard, 0 mouse, 1 hub.
I somehow rearranged things, frantically unplugging and plugging every possible combination of cables and now it detects the mouse and keyboard but they still don't work.

I can't go into bios spamming f2 and del on startup either.
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