Stuck between POST and BIOS Please help


Jan 12, 2007
When I power on, I get one beep indicating a successful POST but then my machine freezes before I can enter the BIOS. I get to the Gigabyte full screen logo and that’s as far as I can go. I tried flashing the CMOS, same result. Thought it might be a RAM issue because before I reset the CMOS the first time (I’ve tried that a few times, which by the way isn’t that the definition of insanity?? Trying the same thing multiple times and expecting different results?? If so, you can see what my rig has reduced me to.. :) ) , I had the full screen logo turned off and I noticed it hang at where I assume it checks the memory.. it usually has a line that says memory, and then below that will state the amount of RAM installed..but we don’t get that far now. I’m hoping that I don’t need new RAM as I just bought it (just bought all of the parts…1st build) and don’t have the cash for anything further right now. Any ideas out there? Thanks in advance! Here’s my specs if you all need ‘em:

Gigabyte 965G-DS3 mobo
E6600 @ stock w/ a Zalman 9500
1 GB Corsair 6400 Pro (4-4-4-12)
250 GB Western Digital SATA HDD
PNY 7600 GT
Ultra 600 Watt PSU


Feb 24, 2007
Did you solve the issue. I'm having the same problem. The cpu is stuck with the Gigabyte white screen... If I wait 6-7 minutes it continues the boot normally, but thats a long time to wait. Even any keys (Tab, Del, F12 etc.) don't work while seeing the gigabyte screen.

Anyone can help me with this issue?


Apr 9, 2007
Anyone able to get this working??? I am on my 2nd board now and still having a problem.

1st board was a r3.3 which worked fine until I swap memory from PNY DDR 667 to Patriot 800. Right after memory install, got the post and stuck at memory. Swapping memory back didn't fix the issue, so rma board back.

Got the replacement board, rev 1.0 used board (yeah, I hate mwave and working hard with them on getting that replaced). Put the system together with the Patriot 800 memory and like the 1st system, everything work perfectly. Then a day later, the problem shows up and like the previous poster stated, if I leave it and come back to it later, it will boot.

Reading the various other post, I notice people talking about temp on the nb and notice that mine is quite hot to touch as well, so don't know if that it a problem.

on the 2nd board, i was able to get the whole thing to behaved normal once after pulling the battery and letting it sit for a while, but upon reboot, it got sucked at the bios screen again.

Any light on this would be nice.

BTW, I have zero problem with the same configuration on my msi p965 plat board. Only con about this board is it doesn't oc very well.


Jan 23, 2007
If you have any USB devices plugged in, try booting with NO USB devices attached.

That was the first thing that popped to mind when i read this