[SOLVED] Stuck cpu cooler

May 25, 2019
Hello. I am trying to remove the cooler from my cpu. It is an am4 socket,but the vertical clips on my cooler are stuck. I am afraid to apply to much pressure,I think there must an alternarive to brute force ūüėÄ. This is how it looks: https://ibb.co/LgX8Zwt
A lot of pressure is needed for those clips to clip or unclip, If you are afraid see of you can support MB from the back. Other thing to watch out for is after you unclip is that cooler may be stuck like glued to CPU due to hardened paste. Try twisting cooler left and right until eventual bond is broken before attempting to lift it up. If that doesn't work easily, letting it heat up by stopping fan(s) while system is on for a minute should help a lot.
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I did as you told and it worked. Thank you,esspecially for saying about the glued thermal paste. I forgot about that.
You are welcome, I do those things all the time just as an precaution. I have seen some really badly stuck coolers. specially older ones with OEM coolers and thick, chewing gum like original pads with older AMD processors, many times I had to be really physical with them, needing a knife to separate them.