Question Stuck in boot loop with no post


Feb 3, 2017
Boot loop with no post

Hi, my name is Sam. I am a moderately experienced pc builder currently studying A-level computer science. Today I was supposed to be upgrading my sisters pc. She had an i3 4170, 8gb Ram and a gtx 750ti. The system was using a gigabyte Z97-D3H. The system was made up of my old bits minus power supply and case etc. My sister decided she wanted to start playing some newer games and asked if I could upgrade it for her, but not to splash out. I decided to buy a used i5 4590, put in some spare ddr3 I had to bump it up to 16gb and get a used gtx 970. The i5 came today and I thought it would be business as usual. I went through all the correct safety procedures, anti static etc. After installing the cpu and ram I tried to boot the system up again. It turned on fine for about 5-10 seconds. Then shut off. Then started up again. It proceeded to boot loop like this until I held the power button to turn it off. During the boot loop no display was output through the motherboards HDMI output. My first thought was memory. I unplugged all unnecessary components to where it was just the motherboard and cpu plugged in. I removed the new memory dimms I put in and then attempted to power up again. Boot looped again. I then removed all the memory from the system and tried to boot again. Same issue. I then replaced the CMOS battery, no effect. I then thought it could be an issue with the new used CPU. It was used after all. I bought it from a reputable eBay page which has sold lots of used hardware and I’ve used them in the past. I took the i5 out and put the i3 back in. Tried to boot again. Boot looped. I am quite lost with what to do. I don’t have a spare lga 1150 board to test both CPUs with. I had to stop there as I was getting rather frustrated and also ran out of thermal paste so further swapping of CPUs couldn’t be done. Thermal paste is on the way thanks to Amazon prime. I’m going to do some more fiddling tomorrow and if I can’t get it working, I’ll try find someone I know willing to let me borrow an lga 1150 board. The board is pretty old, around 5 or so years old. My last resort would be having to buy a new motherboard to test it with as the whole objective of me upgrading it was not to spend a lot. I’m no expert but feel like I at least have some knowledge but this seems far beyond me. If you’ve read this far thanks a lot, any help is much appreciated, I will post if I find a solution :)
Dec 13, 2019
Have you tried unplugging the power supply and putting everything back the way it was ....... if it boots you know it is the new ram or the new GPU/CPU. If it doesn't boot then something has happened other than the new components. If it boots then you would want to change out one component at a time...first the stick at a time.. boot it up ..then the GPU...boot it up.....then the CPU.....?