[SOLVED] Stuck in loop of BSOD "System thread exception not handled"

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Feb 19, 2015
My monitor randomly turned to a green screen while I was updating some apps (not while gaming), and I had to manually restart by holding the power button. My pc is then stuck on a loop of BSOD "System thread exception not handled" every time it reboots.

Upon reboot I can access the Troubleshoot section and go into the advanced options. I've tried:

- Start-up repair : This shows "Attempting repairs" and then says "couldn't repair your PC".

- System restore : There seems to be a system restore point listed, with the date and time being slightly before the time I had the issue, but when I select it, it says " The backup drive could not be found, System Restore is looking for restore points on your backup. Make sure the backup drive is on and connected to this computer and then click OK." I am not sure if this is related to the BSOD error I am experiencing.

- Command Prompt: sfc /scannow returns "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation". chkdsk returns "Windows has scanned the file system and found no problems. No further action is required."

-Safe mode : Unable to boot into safe mode as it will just bring me back to the same loop of BSOD "System thread exception not handled".

From what I gathered online, it seems to be a graphics driver issue. I've had green screen problems in the past where the computer freezes on a green screen while playing games, but after a quick restart of the PC, I was able to continue using my PC and gaming as normal. This is my first time encountering a green screen while not playing games, and this is also the first time I am encountering this BSOD message, and probably the first time I've encountered a BSOD at all, from what I can remember.

Any help is greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance.
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