Question Stuck in permanent boot loop / no POST

Mar 16, 2019

Recently (about 3 weeks ago), my PC started booting really slow, showing a "All settings were reset to default values" message when booting for the first time that day.
I searched for the problem and found out that it is most likely an issue with the CMOS battery.
Yesterday my PC wouldn't even display that message when starting up, instead it would show a permanent loop on the debug led pannel.
The last code before going back to 00 was 4F which google told me once again might be an issue with the CMOS. So I swapped the battery and cleared the CMOS, but it didn't help.
Then I followed some other instructions such as turning off all power from the PC and letting it sit for 2 hours or removing all drives to flash the BIOS via USB (FAT32 with the BIOS file for the Motherboard), but nothing is working (doesn't even try to boot from USB).
It doesn't restart or power off on its own, but doesn't do anything either.
Just runs through the same loop of debug codes which is the only information I can gather from it.
I tried different USB sticks in different ports, just let it run for a few hours, took out all but one RAM stick and the USB but no reaction.
Is there anything else I can do or do I have to buy a new MB?
(MSI Z97 Gaming 5, currently 8GB DDR3 RAM (normally 16), i7-4790)


Here is a video of the debug LEDs.