Question Stuck in some bootloop

Jul 31, 2020
My computer will start up, show the manufacturer logo, then the windows logo, then black screen then send me to the blue recovery page with the "continue, troubleshoot, turn off your PC and use another operating system. For some context I may have unplugged my computer too quickly as I had a flight to catch so it might be a software update I interrupted?
Things I've tried :
Resetting my computer keeping personal files
Booting into safe mode(it won't even boot into safe mode it does the loop thing
Boot in to safe mode w/ networking(same thing)
Windows diagnostics/startup repair(says unable to diagnose)
System restore (no restore points, although I remember making some)
Uninstall quality and feature updates(however, it won't allow me to uninstall a feature update.
Reseating my ram
Reapplying thermal paste in case it was a GPU/CPU overheating issue
Remove all of my peripherals
Remove all power and discharge residual static
As I am not able to access the dzdiag here is the specs from Amazon Prebuilt I've got from a couple of years ago