Question Stuck in Windows automatic reboot loop

Oct 30, 2021
The other night, I was on my computer like normal and then it suddenly shut down out of nowhere and then wouldn't boot to Windows. It would get past the BIOS and would always reset during the windows 10 logo and loading wheel. I can load into the BIOS fine and it doesn't restart in the BIOS, only when Windows starts loading up. It then started doing an automatic repair which still didn't work. I tried resetting Windows, installing a fresh copy of Windows, and even bought a new SSD and installed Windows on that but the same exact problem persists and it sill resets at the same point. I'm thinking this could be either a CPU, Motherboard, or PSU problem, but I wanted to get some advice first before buying anymore new parts. My next step is to buy a new Motherboard, Case, and PSU and starting with a new build, but if anyone knows how to fix this or what the exact problem would be, PLEASE let me know because this is a very frustrating problem.