Question Stuck on BIOS please help me :(

Jun 21, 2019
Specs B350 MB, old gpu (MSI RX580), new gpu (RTX 2070), new corsair 650 psu (was a 450), 8gb memory, 1 TB harddrive.

Last night I installed a new PSU and RTX 2070 (not clean install-I'm a noob). Computer only launches to MSI BIOS. HDMI is running to the graphics card. But it doesn't appear that any of my graphics cards, old or new, are showing up in the BIOS. Everything is powered, all fans are running. Tried a CMOS reset per my computers manual, and tried uninstalling the battery for a few minutes. Both led me to a F1 for setup or F2 to continue, both option went back to the MSI BIOS.

I put the old PSU back in with old GPU and still went to BIOS. Tried hooking monitor up to the VGA and HDMI port of the CPU, but the monitor isn't receiving a signal from either. I figured I could do that, then update the BIOS and drivers then plug into GPU and restart. But as stated, not signal from those ports, they may be faulty.

Any thoughts, is my GPU dead? Is BIOS out of date and affecting things? Why won't my old GPU register now and go to BIOS as well?

Any help appreciated, thank you.