Question Stuck pixel problem issue on AOC CQ32G1

Jan 17, 2020
I do know that this isn't an original question but let me explain.
I recently (3 days ago) bought said monitor (144hz, 2560x1440, VA panel) brand new.
It has a stuck pixel (I think it's stuck - it always displays green, easly seen on dark/black background, and not noticeable on bright/white background. Obviously I contacted the store I bought the product in, and they told me according to the manufacturer's policy it's fine to have one subpixel not functioning properly. Which for is me outrageous and I don't understand how this can even be an ISO standard...
I tried different methods you can see online - pixel fixers which display various colors rapidly, applying pressure to the screen and tapping it. Pressure seems to work somewhat - it disappears for a moment, but after I display white background it turns green again.
I'm quite devastated and feeling really hopeless. Can't return it to the shop because according to that ISO standard it is within error margin and the product is not considered defective. I'm in Poland btw, so by law I can't do much.
Are there any reliable methods to fix it?