Question Stuck pixels line

Aug 3, 2020
Hello world,

I have a problem with stuck pixels. My ASUS g751, which is around 5 years old, maybe a few months less. Around a year ago I got a single red stuck pixel near the center of my screen, it is still there, this is not the main issue.

However, a line on the left side of my monitor, from the top to about 2/3 of the way down, appeared around a week ago when I booted up, I then turned off and the next day I applied pressure a bit above the middle of it and that made it function again. A few days later, it appeared again, this time without disappearing. From then on it only flickers from "blue" to light gray if I apply pressure to the left of it.

I only used my fingers, not any device, haven't heated anything, and apparently haven't caused more damaged pixels in return. The pixels appear in bios, I have disassembled the laptop a year ago to change the thermal pads/paste, this meaning I had to basically disassemble everything, and the single stuck pixel might have appeared not long after the disassembly, but definitely not directly after or after a noteworthy drop.

I have not yet tested if the line persists when using another monitor, but I will edit this if I do come across one. I am not particularly skilled with computers, and I am not financially stable, so a less intrusive fix would help more, however, all ideas are welcome and I might be willing to disassemble it again if I can get the tools necessary. This is a picture of the problem.
There will be a connection ribbon to attach the monitor to the motherboard.
I would recheck that connection.
The vertical line may be the result of an incomplete connection.

You might need to buy a replacement screen. I see them on ebay for $135 or so.

Really, I think it may be time to abandon the laptop.
Display artifacts can be very annoying.