Student Discount for Computer Parts


Sep 29, 2014
I am a college student and going to be building a PC. I wanted to know where I can get student discounts on computer parts. I did find that western digital has student discounts on their online store that includes hard drives so I am able to get a discount on that. Does anyone else know any other places?


May 1, 2018
there is no such thing as a student discount on PC parts. You can find student discounts on pencils and calculators but not PC parts. Just pay full price or wait till black friday.

The Paladin

some universities or colleges have incentive for lower student price when you contact the it group .
there are some software (Microsoft) discounts, but only valid until you are no longer a student (office is a goo example)
some counties or libraries have programs regarding student trying to acquire computer for school, they are workstations, not gaming desktops. mind you at a reasonable price I would inquire in those places.
another solution would be to buy used as in recycled used certified, I have a number in Houston that sell I5-4570 systems for example Dells desktops for like 250-300.
all depends what your looking for,

May 21, 2019
Well, I don't know about all parts but I just got an email from Origin PC that they're doing a $500 off of all builds including the Titan RTX card for students. Origin usually asks for a hefty price and a Titan RTX build is far from budget but $500 off is $500 off nevertheless.

Math Geek

i've not seen any student discounts for most parts. i am a student right now and taking advantage of anything like this i find as well. however, i am only seeing software freebies and the odd discount from one manufacturer here and there. but i've not seen anyone like newegg or amazon offer a blanket discount.

you do get amazon prime for free as a student for 6 months, and then $50 a year after that. would help with shipping and the other benefits they offer. you're just going to have to keep an eye out for sales like the rest of us.

my school refurbishes pc's and sells them for like $25. they are usually worstations but with i5's and some i7's and a valid windows key, it could be a good start. upgrade the psu and gpu and you'd have a decent system for pretty cheap. look into something like that and see if it can help you.
I know that some system builders offer discounts on prebuilt systems through college book stores. Most manufacturers and sellers run back to school specials as well. As far as discounts for components, I've never seen anything like that outside of Newegg back to school sales. In fact I've seen components sold by college book stores that were MORE expensive than on Amazon or Newegg. I just don't think deals are out there on hardware.

Software on the other hand is sold at amazing prices to students, even free in some cases. So you can definitely save a lot of money on a Windows license or Office.


I know from previous experience that Newegg offers student only deals, however, I don't remember if that is for full systems or components.
Yeah I only know of vendors giving discounts on software. Only a few laptop manufacturers like Apple and Microsoft give student discounts on hardware. But as far as desktop hardware goes, there's no site that I'm aware of that offers student specific discounts. The only advice I can really offer if you're looking to save money is watch for combo deals and that sort of thing. Or if you live near a Micro Center they always have motherboard and CPU combo deals available.