Question Stupid Power Brick Situation With Dell Inspirion Z14


Jul 3, 2016
I have a Dell Inspiron 14Z with a "NON GENUINE DELL POWER ADAPTER". The power adapter is in 100% functional condition - with correct voltage and is able to supply more than enough current. Ideal build quality, no blown caps. Stupid Dell laptop doesn't charge at all. In Windows it says PLUGGED IN, NOT CHARGING. However, removing the battery from the laptop and turning on the computer directly from the power adapter proves the computer is receiving power. It was working fine for 3 years but the CMOS battery died in the computer, resetting the BIOS and doing the stupid Intel Safe Lock (Locks bios and system completely) - but I got lucky because it had the default password. Anyways, there is ZERO options for anything power related in the BIOS.

So question is, how to charge? Could it be the replacement battery? I bought a new replacement battery for it online last week, NEW REPLACEMENT, looks just like the OEM. I just tried the old battery in the system. While it ran out of juice a while ago, in Windows it also says PLUGGED IN, NOT CHARGING (0%)
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If the system is old enough for the CMOS battery to die it is old enough for the laptop battery to be end of life. If the laptop battery no longer has a safe health level the laptop will still charging it as a safety precaution. Charging a dying laptop battery is a fire hazard.