[SOLVED] Stupid question regarding airflow in case


Jan 28, 2017
Hi guys,

I'm "rejigging" my case at the moment whilst troubleshooting issues with my rig; I noticed however that my case fans on the front would seem to be installed the "wrong way round?"

Here's how It's set up currently:

Ideally, I don't want to mess with the front fans, but in this setup, isn't this pulling air out from the case and into the room? Assuming that this is right, I presume that I would then as a result want to push air using what would typically be the rear exhaust fan towards the front exhaust fans.. Correct? I'm not too familiar with setting up cases with the correct airflow patterns and don't want to mess up an otherwise good case for cooling with my poor management of airflow. Note, these case fans came in this setup, I did not change them. If I am right in what I'm saying above, what would be the optimum way to set up my rig for best airflow in this setup?


3 front fans, these appear to be set up in a manner that would drag air inside the case and push it out of the case
I have two more fans that I'm adding, initially intended to be exhaust fans on the rear back and top of the case (1x 120mm - 1x 140mm)
Presumably if the 3 front fans are set up in the manner above, I do not want to set up the rear fans as exhaust fans, correct?

I'm new to airflow in cases and it's not something I've really dealt with before so want to understand whether I'm getting the logic correct.

(Also forgive the dust I'm overdue a clean)
Aug 15, 2021
Maybe saying the obvious, but there's an easy way to check. Turn the system on. Reach your hand carefully near the interior side of the fans. Feel which way the air blows.

I was in a similar situation and my father made me feel somewhat dumb when he pointed out I could just approach a piece of paper near the mesh and see if the wind would attract or repel it... and it worked.
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