stupid to pair touchscreen or mismatched monitors with higher end graphics card?


Dec 3, 2014
Just ordered a nice rig with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970. Want at least a dual monitor setup.

1. Should(must?) the monitors match in terms of specs? Meaning refresh rate and response time.
2. Can you pair touchscreen monitors with these cards?
3. Can you have one touchscreen and one not, the latter presumably being a bit better in terms of specs.
4. Is it stupid to even be doing this? If I spent the money for the card should I just be looking for monitors to maximize performance?

Basically bought the rig as a mixed use home workstation. I'll be running code and heavy apps and doing casusal photo editing. Significant other will browse and do productivity tasks. Toddler will be doing abc mouse or other toddler things. Interested in touchscreen for the other two.


You can do all of those things, the monitors do not need to match but I don't know if you can run them on different refresh rates, likely will need to be set at 60 if you have one 60 and a 120 or 144 monitor.

Often you are better off with two identical monitors. Touchscreen for a non-tablet is mostly a gimick. You'll use it once a week, mouse or a tablet for interface is a lot better.